Posted by: picanini | October 6, 2010


With 4 kids of our own, and 3 nieces and a nephew plus all the adults there’s always birthday’s coming around in our family.  I try to do handmade, where possible (unless I know of something store bought that will make the heart sing of the recipient). It’s my eldest niece’s 9th birthday on Saturday and she and my brother were both admiring a redondo skirt  I made for my shop a while back. This 9 year old girl loves pretty skirts and strappy tops. I started this yesterday – cut it all out and started the overlocking.

Did a bit more overlocking of the spirals together today so now the skirt part is finished. I still have to topstitch it though. It’s almost identical to the other one (other one has purple spots instead of stripes) – and these are her favourite colours. Tommorrow will be the waistband and rolled hem (the tip of the iceberg of the list for tommorrow!).

There’ll be a matching strappy top or 2 to compliment the skirt (it seems these are de rigueur with all the little girls in my family including my own).


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