Posted by: picanini | October 13, 2010

In search of…

a great Turkish bread (Pide) recipe. If you’ve got one you care to share, please do! Gannon has developed a liking for it for school lunches and isn’t a cheap lunch, so I’ve been trying recipe’s off the web with not alot of success. This last one I haven’t tasted yet, but it looks even worse than the other couple I’ve tried. Proof will be in the tasting of course…

And a simple pleasure for Ruby. She’s been at me to make her these things for a while, but I’ve needed reasonable sized hairbands in the right colours.

Just excuse the little squishy one’s shoes – he likes to abandon them when sitting on his booster seat for a meal. And overlook the nappies that Ruby had just thrown on the floor after knocking her drink over while twirling.

Amazing how something so simple to make gives so much pleasure. She is dancing around the house as we speak.

Hmm, more dirty floor. With lots of lovely scratching due to dragged furniture and little TLC.  I cringe, especially when you see the blog pics of someone like Sara or indeed, many other pics with house backgrounds on blogs. Sara’s floors always look so lovely (as does her sewing of course!) and clean. I try and tell myself that it will get better when the kids get older… I have a big sweep/vac/mop on Sundays when the kids go outside with DH, and I try to sweep at least a couple of nights a week after the kids are in bed and toys aren’t adorning the floors. But most of my pics are taken in the day when the action is all happening so you get to see the floor in it’s messy, lived in glory!

And I have no great excuse for missing yesterday (sorry to disappoint you, Tinniegirl). I am sick again – nothing serious, but just feeling pretty lousy yesterday with not alot of sleep. I couldn’t muster myself to do a late night post.



  1. Kirsten, you need to see the floor in my sewing area right now. Threads, more threads and tiny pieces of the backing of Wonder Tape. It’s completely feral. I’m staying home tomorrow to vacuum. And well, Will needs a rest because I want to go out with my friend on Friday and I don’t want Mr Will cranky. LOL

    And my floors only look super nice because they were only polished 6 months ago!

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