Posted by: picanini | October 13, 2010

My creative space…

is gearing up for the warmer weather. PJ top being made for Ruby from the Lore top pattern.

Here are the Lore pants STILL being made to go with the other singlet I made her.

Maybe I might eventually get to these pads…

And DH is using guilt (the “obviously it’s not important to you that it’s important to me” line!) to get me onto some boyish bibs. There’s only pink ones that are still useableĀ and he’s had enough of asking. So I guess that needs to be somewhere up the list too…

Our garden is very creative – producing this (and many other’s about to come) beautiful sweet lebanese cucumber that we ate for dinner last night.

Currently, Hummingbird cupcakes are being made. Mmmmm.

For you weekly dose of creative spaces, go say hi to Kirsty and the players.


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