Posted by: picanini | October 20, 2010

Darth in a skirt

Thankfully, Richard is over complaining about boys deciding to dress in dresses or skirts. Here is Finn in his jammies, with Ruby’s old kindy skirt (some nice paint stains), and the piece de resistance is Gannon’s Darth Vader mask.

Doesn’t he look a treat?

He used to try and wear it when Gannon got it for his birthday a few months ago, and it looked quite hilarious (this HUGE head on this little body) – he has really spurted upwards in the last few months, so it looks a little less so without the skirt.



  1. LOL That is hilarious!

    Will wears skirts sometimes. Thanks to his sister. He doesn’t mind it. And as you might recall he has silver sparkling toes.

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