Posted by: picanini | October 23, 2010

A busy day of fun

DH went to his Tang so Tao class first thing,  then we went to Gannon’s school Carnevale (spring fair). a couple of blocks away. We slid down the big dip,

 we jumped on 2 different castles,

We merry – go – rounded very merrilly.

we climbed towers with abseiling gear, we got our faces painted, we ate, we lucky dipped, we chatted to many people we know. I came home sunburnt – but took care of my much fairer kids, and they did not!

We played at home and then DH and I had a romantic little dinner on the beach with the full moon for “mood” lighting.

There were more pics of our fun day out of the house (including Finn’s exhilarated face at the end of the dip with dad – he loved it so much he went 3 times), but for some reason the bluetooth on my phone isn’t playing nice. It was a day filled with fun!


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