Posted by: picanini | November 30, 2010

Oh my!

It’s been almost a month since my last post! I think that I really needed a break from my blog – blogtober almost killed me. And life has been busy.

So what have I been up to in that time, may you ask? Well, I saw a son graduate from his 13 years of schooling (I’m hoping to have some pics to come soon when we work out why the bluetooth isn’t working). I then saw the same son off to schoolies for a week, home for 2 days to sleep and pack up his room. And he is now about 8 hours west of here, working on a wheat farm to see if that is something that he might like to do next year. 

I had my in laws visit from interstate for almost a week.

 And Richard and I have been preparing to make some big decisions involving his work and where we will be living next year!

I’ve been making journal covers (one is for a teacher).

I love this fabric – it’s from Heather Ross’ “Far, far away 2” collection – based on fairy tales and poems. Gannon spent quite a bit of time studying fairy tales this year, so I thought this quite appropriate.

The pockets are from the same fabric line – I have always loved this poem (The owl and the Pussycat).

I have made and listed some pads.

And life just keeps moving along.

The grass just keeps growing…

as do the children.

Finn has a thing about getting into confined space.

Yes, he is in a suitcase!

I hope to get back into a regular blogging groove again.


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