Posted by: picanini | December 9, 2010

The last day of school…

and we were up to our eyeballs in icing early in the morn. This is a little tradition we started when Gannon was in kindy as a little Christmas gift to all his peers and carers. We have continued it on at school.

This is the first installment – the 2nd will be happening this weekend for Ruby and Finn to give to their friends.

It is certainly a test of the Christmas spirit to make these with 3 young kids! They helped every step of the way.

Gannon’s main teacher recieved the Rapunzel notebook from a few posts below, with a nice big box of Lindt choccies. And his other teacher (she takes his class 1 day/week plus for music and art lessons) recieved another notebook.

Made with some wool blend fabric picked up at Spotlight, with the quilting cotton detail. She is also the schools choir conducter.



  1. […] all together and give them to teachers and our classmates at school and kindy. I’ve been remaniscing about last Christmas while measuring and pouring…we didn’t even know we’d be leaving our dear friends […]

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