Posted by: picanini | February 28, 2011

You may be wondering…

Where I’ve been the last few months. Perhaps you remember a few little hints about big things/decisions happening soon?

Due to a number of reasons  (the most important being the private business arm of the local council that DH was working for was closing down mid 2011, and lack of affordable housing in the Sunshine Coast) we decided to accept a job offer to DH in Hervey Bay just over a week before Christmas.

It was a big and scary decision. Our kids were all really happy where they were – kindy, school and all their friends. We loved the area we lived in and had friends and a support network of friends and family. BUT – things were changing. Ruby was due to start school this year, and DH would have to find a new job – where, when and who he would work for were all up in the air. We’d talked about moving to somewhere with more affordable housing for a while. I’d said something along the lines of “wouldn’t it be great if something came up at just the right time at the end of the year, so we wouldn’t have to move schools midway through the year”…And then the job advertisement appeared in November for a job at the local council up here. So he applied, interviewed and was offered the job just before Christmas.

Be careful of what you wish for folks!

The new job was due to start on the 17th of January, so I have spent the last few months

– finding a house to suit us

– packing up a house of 6 people and cleaning it

– unpacking a house of 5 people (my eldest, Isaac moved out west to work on a wheat farm) and trying to find room for all our stuff!!!!!!!!

– finding a good school, and getting my kids into it.

– starting my beautiful girl in prep. I was so busy just trying to get organised with everything they needed for school/unpacking the house so we could find stuff, that  it didn’t really hit me till the day I kissed hergoodbye, and walked out of the classroom with only Finn with me, and cried in the car on the way home.

– Finding a ballet school for Ruby who has been desperate to start it

and a soccer club for Gannon.

And of course, all the other big and little things you have to do… things like ringing the electricity company (which SOUNDS easy…but that’s a whole other story) and organising phones, internet, mail. Saying goodbye to your old neighbours and good friends, meeting your new neighbours, making friends with the parents of new friends, helping in the classroom… I’m sure you understand it’s been a pretty crazy time. Oh, there was Christmas in there too with it’s many activities (for kindy alone we had the nursing home concert, the kindy parents/grandparents concert and the Christmas party/sausage sizzle) – it seems like a million years ago already!

My little Shepherd would not come join the proceedings. He’d just gotten over being sick and was not at all impressed with the costume.

There’s also been major flooding (we weren’t flooded, but we delayed moving by several days due to Bruce Highway being cut), and a cyclone (yes, we were told initially to prepare for it in Hervey Bay and were wondering whether or not we should have moved!) in this time. It’s been an amazingly crazy time, and not just for us.  So much devestation, upheaval and heartbreak for many.

So now, I’ve neglected you long enough.  And the nappy hunt starts tommorrow, which I’m sponsoring .

I’m back!



  1. I think that you have just defined the word “hectic” Congrats on surviving. Welcome back 🙂

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