Posted by: picanini | March 8, 2011

Happy International Women’s day!

I haven’t disappeared again, I promise – it’s just been a bit busy. It was Ruby’s 5th birthday yesterday, and her paternal Grandparents and 2 aunties came up to visit. They flew in on Wednesday last week, and leave tommorrow. As we’re in a new town with a new house, school and all new places to visit there was a lot of sightseeing happening here.

But, back to the birthday girl… We had a party organised with some girls from school at a lovely shadey park last Saturday, but the weather was totally unco-operative. We’ve postponed to this coming weekend – fingers crossed the weather is good, or we’ll have a house FULL of girls (my 3 nieces along with my nephew are visiting this weekend).

We’ve organised the food – our fridge is groaning. We’ve got the decorations though it’s nothing too fancy. I couldn’t go past these paper flowers – thanks to Martha Stewart. These are for the corners of the gazebo, along with some paper ribbons.

 I’ve done the thankyou bags.

 They have a few lolly things, but mostly “stuff” like a little notepad, bubblewand with bubblemix, glow in the dark bracelets). They’re packaged in organza bags I bought (I was running out of time to make some myself) – in the hope that the little girls will re-use them and not just throw them out.

We did have a little family celebration last night. We had party food and cake. Cupcakes are usually the order of the day here – catering for gluten and dairy free as well as people without these issues means we have at least a couple of different tastes/requirements to please.

And of course, some presents. I had to be a bit restrained this year. Apart from the fact that the party girl is very fussy and often doesn’t wear what mum makes her, she is at school this year – s0 there’s not much call for a new wardrobe anymore. Plus, there really wasn’t time…I’m not sure where it’s all going! I spent a couple of hours just finding fabric boxes.

 I didn’t tell her I made this. I’m not sure if knowing it’s made by mum makes a difference to her feelings about clothes ( my lovely sister in law told me that she did not at all like wearing clothes her mum made. I never had that issue, LOL).

How could you not love this face?

I’ve still got quite a way to go with sewing softies. This one is an Ooshka – designed by “The Red Thread”, and it comes in a kit with the printed face. I’ve made some matryoshka dolls before from Kristen Doran’s printed fabric – these are smaller sized. If you’re wanting to try one,  Tracey the Mad Quilter has a great free little tutorial and PDF to download – one day I’ll get around to trying it. I’m not sure what size they are when finished. The Ooshka, as you can see is almost pillow size – which is what I wanted, so it can be used on the lounge to cuddle (rather than her pillow always coming out).

And belated Happy International Women’s day for Tuesday 8th.



  1. Happy birthday Ruby!

    I am just about to make an Ooshka too! We have a birthday party on Sunday and it’s going to be the present. Good to see Ruby likes hers as the birthday girl has turned 5 too!

  2. Thanks Sara – you reminded me to add the Ooshka and other Matryoshka doll links too. The computer wasn’t liking me last night and kept losing my post – I was over it all and very frustrated by the end of the night. I even forgot to re-add my post title.

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