Posted by: picanini | March 17, 2011

My creative space…

has changed quite dramatically since the last time I played along. It is in a new house, and even a new town (Hervey Bay). We moved the week before school started, and the time has been flying by. The sum total of my creativity in the last few months has been the Ooshka doll posted below, and about 100 rows of Ruby’s Olearia – that I have frogged about 3 times at various points due to having the attention span of a gnat and mucking it up. There have just been too many other things to think about and organise before and after moving. Well, that’s my excuse anyway.

I guess the other issue is that my creative space is about 1 quarter of the size it used to be. No more leaving WIP’s scattered on the sewing table, or on the lounge in my sewing room. Or taking over the floor to cut out. And I can’t just add another book case to house more fabric in my fabric room when I run out of space cause there’s no room just for fabric any more (aren’t I naughty – I used to do that regularly…I started with 2 fabric shelves and packed up 6 when we left – plus numerous large tubs and a lowboy!).

Yes, there are some decidedly not creatively inspired things on those shelves! And the shelves aren’t full of fabric cause it is really hard to decide which fabric gets the limited amount of space, and which ones stay in the box.

There’s no lovely (scratched) wooden floor to take photographs on either, so I’m going to have to find some other places to snap.

But the housing situation is temporary – hopefully less than a year. Top of the list* (for me)- apart from the house being North facing and it being comfortable to live in house without air con or heaters, is enough room to have all my fabric on display . This is of course, on display to use. And also have the sewing machine and overlocker permanantly out again on a sewing table – there’s no room for that here.

*That might not be so high on the other half’s list though.

And so here is what I’m making myself work on at present. An 8 gore skirt – pattern drafted courtesy of Tracy the Mad Quilter. I’ve made one of these before, but this time round I’m modifying the waist so that it is more fitted. Thus, the waist is narrower and I’m putting in a zip (ask me about that next week, LOL. They’re not my strong point!). And while I’ve got black thread in the machinies, I’m making some pads. Bamboo velour topped, and backed with this lovely little print from my local quilt store – Dewdrop Inn. They don’t offer much online, but their shop is FANTASTIC. It’s well worth holidaying in Hervey Bay just for this shop alone. I actually bought the Ooshka from their shop.

And so, hopefully I’m back on a roll – adding my space each week. I need something to keep me accountable as my poor blog is being neglected, as is my actual creative output.

Oh, and I’m planning on hosting a giveaway of a different kind tommorrow…so pop in to have a look.

For an abundance of beautiful creative spaces, go and see Kirsty.



  1. love your priorities – north facing and no air cond. Have a good time in the design process>!

  2. Organising moving and arriving are more than enough excuse. Tough to go back to reduced sewing space. Ouch!

  3. For someone who has barely arrived in a whole new place, well I take my hat off to you. May the year whizz by and you find yourself swinging many cats in a new sewing space. If it makes you feel any better, I am currently typing this in my bedroom…

  4. Good luck on settling in for the ‘short term’. I have shared your frustration over the years and still dream of the perfect setting…Chee up though, at least you have fabric and machines! and you found it in yourself to play along this week.
    I will be back to see how you progress in your new home. 🙂

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