Posted by: picanini | April 7, 2011

My creative space…

involves making fairy wands. As per instructions from the little miss (courtesy of a book she borrowed from the library) for supplies, I’ve just got back from the shops with some ribbon. Ruby and I will make the wands when we get home – hopefully I’ll find the woodglue and dowl by then.

The Matroyshka fabric is to make some little hairclips and bands for a birthday party stash – and also probably a few will go in the shop. I decided I needed to restash the birthday cupboard as the last birthday gift (the Ooshka) was sewn up 15 minutes before the party started! Luckily it was just around the corner…and of course, I forgot to take pics.

I’m finding creating such hard going at the moment – there’s not a place for everything and there’s so much stuff still unpacked. Spending the time looking for things takes away the time making things and really impinges on the process for me.

Now don’t forget about entering my little competition below. And go visit Kirsty’s for some inspiration too.



  1. Have fun. Nothing beats a good matroyshka doll fabric for cuteness, hey?

  2. I have a birthday cupboard in dire need of attention. But I’m also OWING no less than eight birthday pressies (aaargh)!!

  3. just been redaing some of your post and can so relate, we too moved from the Sunnny Coast but we are now Bris. i too am not quite unpacked re craft stuff and have less storage. I have moved to a house with 0 linen cupbaords (used to have 2 double ones), and a broom closet that only fits a broom literally, so have to keep the vacuum cleaner in the laundry where i trip over it! So funny.

  4. I don’t quite have the moving thing as an excuse – but I have my creative materieals stashed in a few rooms – partly because there is no room in my husbands office for it all, and partly because my “Office” is a corner of the baby’s room! Sigh.
    I love your Matroyshka fabric – it’s super cute.

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