Posted by: picanini | April 27, 2011

Our Easter…

We stayed with family on the Sunshine Coast for the first 4 days of the holidays – the kids had a ball playing with their cousins, toasting marshmallows and playing with their girls (the chooks our family are minding for us). We caught up with old friends.

We fished. That is Fraser Island in the background.

We made Easter cupcakes (these are some rather scary looking “rabbits”).

We made Hot Cross Buns. Our crosses weren’t very cross.

We hunted for eggs,

and some of us ate lots of chocolate.

God bless Sweet William and their little gluten and dairy free Easter bunnies! They’re much more child and wallet friendly than Lindt dark chocolate easter eggs (there was a nasty incident in the car as a result of over consumption of dark chocolate by a not quite 2 year old last year).

Please don’t be too jealous of our heirloom Easter baskets.

We went on bike rides. We went exploring and had adventures like the other Famous Five. Some of us read lots of books.

We were very fortunate that the weather was mostly good. It is alternating between drizzle and bucketing down today.

How was your Easter holidays?



  1. I’ll try not to be jealous 🙂 Ours were bowls. Looks like a lovely Easter. Yay on the gluten and dairy free chocolate.

  2. Had a pretty good Easter once we were a few days in to the break and everyone was less tired and crabby with each other. Kids still working their way through their stash…

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