Posted by: picanini | May 4, 2011


The tops are finished – I’m not so thrilled with this Antonella though. It turned out smaller than the last one I made the same size. I’m not sure if it was the fabric type (this one is mostly 100% cotton knit fabric, the last couple have been mostly stenzo cotton/spandex). Perhaps the stretch in the fabric gave the others a little more room. Or perhaps I added a larger seam allowance with the last one…I think this one is destined for the drawer till I manage to get the rest of the baby fat off. I might still need to fiddle around and redo the sleeves too.

This I love! It’s the Ottobre Creative Workshop tshirt. Modified a little due to my own stupidity (I almost cut the front out twice – I realised as I’d started cutting out that I’d traced the front twice so I modified the neckline as I’d already cut lower that it should have been at the back).

One of my favourite ever knit fabrics. I just LOVE the colours and the print.


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