Posted by: picanini | May 12, 2011

My creative space…

is a little sad that Kootoyoo is no longer the host of these spaces. It has been a little routine that has sometimes stopped me from blogging altogether – so thank you Kirsty for keeping me honest there! I still plan to keep up the Thursday tradition I’ve seemed to have gotten into – in the new home Kirsty has made just for our creative spaces.

And so today I am

hacking into this lovely piece of wool fabric I dyed last week.

Are you wondering what this is doing here…? I’m making ginger beer from scratch with a cobbled together recipe.

And I’m trying to decide what to make for another little girl’s birthday party this weekend! I’m almost Ooshka’d out for the time being…

And now, you can go visit the new home of creative spaces!



  1. Oh homemade gingerbeer is my favourite & my best! Good luck… sometimes my Gran’s would explode in the bathroom where it was kept!

  2. wow, that fabric looks like a fantastic sky scene! very curious what you’ll make it into! :o)

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