Posted by: picanini | May 25, 2011

wearing the pants

I decided that before I tried making my own new pattern, I should try at least one that had been written and tested. I’ve done plenty of the Easy fit pants pattern, and I’ve sewn some of the “big name” pants in the past – but I wanted something with a definite front and back this time that was a bit different to these. After googling, I came across this pattern written by  Wholegrain baby – flat front pants. Funnily enough, I made a last minute gift last week from a Wholegrain baby pattern last weekend that had been sitting unused for 6+ months after I printed it. 

These pants were made with some cheap cord bought on sale at Spotlight a while back – I think it was only $1 or $2/metre. The pockets were made with some scraps I had leftover.

this pattern was written for 2 year olds, and Finn turns 3 in a few weeks. So I decided to lengthen the leg for his height, lengthen the rise and the scoop in the back for his cloth nappy (and to add a bit of extra length being a bit taller than 2).

He’s most pleased with them. I kind of wish I’d made a bit more of an effort – I rushed the sewing, so it’s not my best work! I also wish I’d chosen some nicer fabric – this pale blue won’t stay looking nice for long with him. I didn’t realise when I got started that they were going to be a bit more fiddly. They’re not hard – it’s just I was going to omit the pockets – but I didn’t realise I couldn’t (or needed to adjust the pattern to omit them) till after I’d cut the fabric out. The pockets are seperately sew piece of the leg and the waist would be too small if you omitted the pocket.

I also sewed these just using a guesstimate with a very old pair of monkey pants I had when Finn was small that I scored from an Op shop. I also guesstimated width and length with the pattern for the pants I’d just made as a guide.

So these are my poor imitation of a pair of monkey pants. Monkey pants, if you don’t know, are (I guess) a Japanese thing. They have a larger bottom piece inserted – which makes them great for cloth nappies, and give plenty of room for movement.  Geez they took some figuring out though, as they are sewn completely differently to normal pants. And I stuffed the back . The top is supposed to be cut on the fold to be one piece, but I cut on the wrong side – making it 2 pieces, so I had to sew it back together. The monkey pants still have a lot of tweaking!

And now I’m going to bed as I’m fading fast. Sorry about the terrible pics – my camera has gone AWOL, so it’s the camera phone. It’s taken me hours to work out how to transfer the pics onto the computer…maybe I’ll post some more pics tommorrow.


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