Posted by: picanini | May 26, 2011

My creative space…

is finishing these pads today.

They just need topstitching and snaps to be listed.

I’m also planning on making some wetbags for Finn’s kindy. They keep sending home his nappies in new plastic bags – ugh. I’m hoping that making some bags just small enough for one nappy will encourage the staff to use them (I send larger ones at present that always come home empty).

And I’m slowly getting along with my Olearia. I can’t imagine actually finishing this project! Between the constant interuptions I had when I started it that left me lose my place, plus my needles falling apart numerous times (I’ve been using knitpicks) and losing my stitch markings,  it has been one heck of a project.  I finally switched to using 2 sets of needles, and it’s working so far…hopefully this isn’t jinxing it!

Now off you hop to see some other creative spaces!


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