Posted by: picanini | May 30, 2011

Bags, bags, bags…

I’ve been in need of a few different bags – I mentioned the wetbags I needed for kindy last Thursday, and I also need something better than what I’m currently using to store my knitting (a complimentary cosmetics bag). I know alot of people use boxy bags, (these are made by the lovely Peta) and these sunnyboy style bags, so I looked around for a tutorial for a boxy bag.

I think I should have started off small and unlined – I started with the large, lined bag – which was more complex due to the lining, and my iron-on interfacing wasn’t stiff enough for it to keep it’s shape. I think I may unpick it a little and add interfacing to the lining for a bit more stiffness.

You can find a tutorial here – for an unlined small boxy bag, then there are another couple here and here for the lined versions – between them all I managed to work it out (I’m much better with lots of visual instructions!).

 So then I went back to basics with this unlined, small version – a gift for a friend’s birthday. I’m putting in some home-made soaps as well.

And then I made one as a part of a birthday gift for a school friend of Ruby’s for her party next weekend.

And finally, the wetbags. No, no dalmations – I didn’t have the right sized zip. But maybe I’ll make one when I get the right zip.


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