Posted by: picanini | June 20, 2011

The weekend that was…


My darling hubby finished his last exam for his first semester with his latest degree (he’s studying civil engineering!). So we celebrated on Friday night and actually sat in the same room together – talking and wrapping presents for little Finn. It kinda felt like christmas eve – a bottle of champagne and wrapping paper! 

We had to be at soccer by 8:15 on Saturday morning, so the presents from mum and dad got started fairy early. I finished the ballet bag to be donated for the raffle while watching soccer (there’s nothing like finishing things at the last minute). Then it was time to head off to the ballet concert rehearsals. Fortuantely, the boys were able to go home and Finn could play with some of his new toys.

We sang “Happy Birthday” and blew the candles out on the cake about 5 times. We opened the rest of the presents from loved ones that weren’t with us.

We did a practise make up run for the concert (YES, makeup! Ruby was so excited).

On Sunday we got ready for Ruby’s first big ballet concert.

YES – there is alot of makeup on her. I followed the instructions set out by the ballet teacher. Whilst I wouldn’t ordinarily let my daughter out of the house looking like this, I can accept the fact that actors and dancers wear makeup because of lighting. The most “makeup” she normally wears out of the house is a little bit of lip gloss. Generally that means she has more makeup on than her mother.

The concert was LONG – about 3.5 hours including 2 x 15 minute intervals. But Ruby was thrilled to see some of the more advanced ballet students.

I’m looking forward to next weekend being very lazy – a soccer bye and no ballet classes.



  1. What a sweet birthday boy face!
    Love the ballet material you used…
    Oh and
    If you have a recipe for olive oil soap would love it…

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