Posted by: picanini | July 6, 2011

My creative space…

is having fun with socks!

After looking everywhere (including enlisting my MIL to scour Sydney shops) for warm socks for my boys, and seeing this post by Lisa I decided to wing it with the aid of this tutorial and my eyeball! The Jalie pattern is out of print, and I’m quite desperate to warm these boys feet – so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Admittedly, mine are no where near as glam or gorgeous as Lisa’s, but they are doing the intended job, so there will definitely be more.

There are also a couple of tutorials and patterns online.

The recipient is most pleased!

They’re very simply made with some old cheap microfleece from  my stash.

I’m also making this Burda long sleeved wrap top for me. I originally bought the pattern for the dress (which will eventually be made), but this caught my eye in my pursuit of expanding my winter wardrobe.

More creative spaces here.



  1. I have that same pattern at home – was planning on making a wrap dress for summer.

  2. Whee, you’re making your own socks! That is so out of my league it’s not funny, but I am inspired beyond belief at how cosy and snug they look. Very well done. x

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