Posted by: picanini | July 27, 2011

My creative space…

is feeling like a broken record. I’m totally uninspired. My compulsion to not be idle has worked against me I think, and I’ve got nothing left. I’m still creating, but I don’t really feel like sharing – it’s all a bit ho hum. A bit like my blogging at the moment too.

I’m recharging by reading a novel for the first time in years.

I started with this that I bought last year – determined to start reading again, but I just found it too hard to keep at. It’s been on “want to read” list for a long time, but I just don’t read at present…to many other distractions and not enough time for them all.

So I picked up this at the local library on a whim when I was there with the kids. It’s not the most positive of subjects – I just recognised the author name (I’ve read lots of reviews in the paper and Jodi Picoult has written alot of books) and grabbed it without even reading the blurb. It’s about a school yard shooting.

But I AM enjoying getting immersed in a novel again. And hopefully the idleness shall restore my soul…



  1. I loved 100years of solitude but it can be hard going. I’ve just got hooked on a book called March by Geraldine Brooks, It’s a bout Mr March, the absent father in the book Little Women. I’m loving getting back into a novel again too. *s*

  2. Oh I adore 100 years of Solitude. If I could find the time, I’d read it again. Hope you can manage to get into it at some point. 🙂

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