Posted by: picanini | August 17, 2011

Festival fever

it seems this last month has been a very popular time of the year for festivals locally. A few weeks back we went to the Childers festival of cultures. Childers is approximately 45 minutes from Hervey Bay. I didn’t actually get any pics of the stalls…it was choc a bloc full, we got there just on lunch and the kids were hungry, so we put first priorities first. So you’ll  just have to make do with the boys having fun driving the karts on sideshow alley.

There was lots of nice food from around the globe, and nice local wines to try. Richard and I have decided we’re going to have to make a day trip and visit the local vineyards (there are 4 in Childers) – the local wines were quite nice…I liked the dry reds particularly. And a little lower in alcohol, which is what I prefer. I like a nice drop of red that doesn’t leave you nodding off.

The highlight of festivals for us personally was the whale fest. This probably had something to do with the fact that it was a local event in Hervey Bay, and our kids were on one of the floats. And of course, the whales… We spent some time early in the afternoon looking at and participating in the craft activities.

Sand painting.

Tye dyeing. Mum helped with that (which is why there’s no photos of it being done!).

Circus performing.

And then in the evening, the illumination festival went down the esplanade.

My little mermaid made the paper.

You’ll have to excuse the terrible photos on my camera phone. And it was a bit harder to catch Gannon.

Can you make out King Neptune? Some of the kids were calling out hello to Santa!


Last weekend was the Seafood festival here. It was fun, it was noisy…but the kids and I aren’t big likers of seafood, so it was of limited appeal to us.


And now I’m tired…so I’m going to bed!


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