Posted by: picanini | August 17, 2011

My creative space…

is reminiscing back to where it all began.

I know a lot of mums who revived their sewing/knitting/crafting skills learnt at school or from mum/nanna or some other crafty friend when they found out they were expecting a baby.  I learnt to knit more than just plain knit about 18.5 years ago. And look at that – I can actually crochet (see the trim on the edges). But I was really bad at it…I’ve still got another of these hug me tights with a half- finished crochet edge. My neighbour who was teaching me moved, and there was no such thing as the interwebs in those days, so it stayed half finished. Perhaps I might finish it for my first grandchild.

Reminiscing today, as my eldest, Isaac,  celebrates his 18th birthday – his first birthday celebrated without the presence of his mum. His first birthday officially as an “adult”.

Look at these gorgeous little grub roses I embroidered.

I’m still cutting and sewing pads like a demon  – I’m wanting to get my store well stocked before the Great Cloth Nappy Hunt.

More creative spaces here.



  1. […] a bit of crochet. I made  a little “hug me tight” which I nostalgically posted a pic of here, wich had a little bit of crochet […]

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