Posted by: picanini | October 31, 2011

Have you ever…

been so tired you’ve done this?

These are the shoes that I wore when taking my kids to school this morning.  Yes, one is black and one is brown. Yes, they are 2 completely different styles of sandal type shoes. Yes, I was very tired and rushing out the door this morning. I only realised my mistake when I was almost at the door of the prep class.

Note to self. When tired and in a rush – make sure you check that everything matches!

Hello there my lovely blog readers. I know I’ve been absent for a while. I was exhausted for the first few weeks after we got back. We had a great time, with lots of adventures. But relaxing generally, it was not! The overnight flight home and the adjustments to time differences (both while away and back home again) also contributed to being worn out. But it was certainly an amazing experience!

After getting back from such a time, the rhythms of daily life seem to somehow not be so interesting and I have really struggled as to where I should start! However, this weekend has been jam packed with parties (which is the reason I am so tired!) and I am starting to get some interesting photographic evidence (see exhibit 1) so I have no excuse not to plunge back in.

We had great fun at a Halloween party last night. I didn’t get any photos – but I do intend to before we dress up tonight to visit the neighbours. I’m not sure if we’ll have much luck in this neighbourhood, but the kids are determined. We have done a little decoration to the house –

a spooky Halloween web in the window,

and Gannon has made some ghosts to put out the front. He’s decided to make skeletons when we get home from school.

I have been doing some sewing…I finally got around to finishing those trainer undies I started before we went away. Maybe I might even get time this afternoon to list them.

And so my friends, I have broken the blog posting drought. Let’s hope I can get back into the groove again!



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