Posted by: picanini | November 23, 2011

What I’ve been doing instead of blogging…

Driving to ballet rehersals 3 times per week

(doing that again tommorrow for the last time…the big days are this weekend). Hopefully the sewing’s all done for that too!

I’ve also added a couple of extra rehersals for the last couple of weeks for violin practise for Gannon. Fortunately, they were in the morning before school so we haven’t had any clashes. The Christmas carol concert was over tonight for our little violinist, though I’m sure I’ll here many more carols from my carol loving children.

Last weekend was the Parish Christmas Fair.  Hoho. The kids had a lot of fun. Gannon has decided he wants to be baptised, so we’ve spent a fair bit of time at church lately. He’s got a number of meetings after mass.


I did managed to get  a little sewing done for me.

This little dress was super duper easy – start to finish in about an hour including cutting out. It’s Patty Young’s (Modkid) Penelope pattern. It’s 3 pieces – front, back and neckline. The sleeves are not seperate, so it’s really just joining 3 pieces of fabric. I had wondered how it would look on, but I got a compliment on it when I wore it out this morning and my husband thinks it’s ok too (he’s not backward when it comes to opinions on my clothing). I was just getting sick of wearing the same things all the time and had to make something different. It cost me under $5 to make (flower fabric bought in Spotlight ages ago on sale – $2/m).


Hopefully I’ll have some interesting Christmas blogging happening soon!





  1. Lovely dress! I have that same fabric, on sale from Spotlight for about $3/mtr I think, and my Miss 3 got a nightie out of it 🙂 xx

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