Posted by: picanini | November 27, 2011

The sounds of summer…

from my childhood came rushing back to me as I drove past a heavily forrested patch of land on my way back home from school the other day.  It was a hot (almost) summer morning, and the sounds of the insects in the bush were almost deafening as I drove past.

Do you know the sound I’m talking about? The film Latana features this sound regularly in the background. It actually made me quite homesick when I saw it again on video when I’d moved interstate and heard the sound.

If you haven’t seen the film, you should seek it out – it’s an amazing Aussie film.

It’s a sound that you don’t generally  here up on the Fraser Coast where I’ve lived for most of the last year – nor for the last 9 years before that since moving to the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. I guess the bush and the insects are mostly different (especially as we’ve lived right on the coast the last 10 years – most of the trees nearby are mangroves, not gums). I grew up in a little country town 3 hours south of Sydney, amongst Eucalypts and banskias. Flies were the main pest. Here we deal with wretched biting little midgies and sometimes mozzies. Maybe the summer sounds were different down South if you lived on the coast.

The sounds of summer here…I’m not sure I can tell you yet. I know when we first moved here (just after the big QLD floods), the green frogs were deafening. The cane toads slowly overtook the frogs after the rain stopped – I wonder if the same happened in the Sunshine Coast? The toads hum was a regular sound of summer when we lived in Caloundra and Buderim.

What are the sounds of summer where you live?



****I don’t know what happened to my original post!


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