Posted by: picanini | January 27, 2012

Happy 2012

Wow – it’s been 2012 for almost a month and there’s been so many different things happening that I haven’t really known where to start.  We’ve had a busy holiday, with lots of visits back down the coast to visit family. We’ve had lots of fun and excitement and a few illnesses and I’ve done a little creating…plenty was done before christmas, but I was too rushed to blog about it.

Barbie’s wardrobe has increased dramatically (here she is in her ballgown – tutorial here, and there are a few more Barbie clothes tutorials on that site too).

The house we are renting sold just before Christmas (after many, many people coming through…I can vent about that now LOL). Fortunately, we can stay put.


We’ve played hard – I’m not sure if Finn came off 2nd best…

or the wall…

The ribbon wands were a hit with our kids and their cousins (you can find a great tutorial here). There were also numerous pairs of boxer shorts for all the boys.

We’ve also celebrated a birthday.

Currently it is pouring down here, and I’m wondering if my darling husband will make it home as some of the roads are flooded. It’s a bit of Dejavu – just a couple of weeks earlier a year ago, we were trying to move from the Sunshine Coast to the Fraser Coast and couldn’t get through due to the Bruce Highway being cut at Gympie and the Mary River flooding Maryborough.

The kids are going crazy after all the rain, but there are some that are really enjoying the wet weather…

I do enjoy his or her croaking.

And s/he’s quite amusing to watch. Our little friend has been sitting outside our bedroom window – with another friend out the front of the lounge room window.

And as they say, it’s lovely weather for ducks (I’ve blogged about the ducks before). They were on the other side of the road and the video wasn’t so good (and I wasn’t going out in the driving rain to take one).

I hope it’s been a great year for my readers so far, and I look forward to a new and hopefully more interesting and consistent year with my blogging this year.


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