Posted by: picanini | February 10, 2012

The end of an era…

is probably a bit melodramatic, but it feels a bit like it.

These much loved bedsheets were bought for Gannon by his Grandma for his 2nd birthday when he moved into a big boy bed – he turns 10 in July. They have been on his bed almost constantly since then. Coveted by his little brother, but were too precious to be handed down. The flat sheet and pillowcase have a little bit more life left in them, but not much more. He called out to me this morning as I was walking past “It’s an emergency” and I was shown the sorry sight. We knew it was coming – I’d told him it would be happening soon. You could see through them!

At least now we have other interests…

Yes, Teddy still is of interest. And in case you were wondering, Gannon is being Leif from Deltora Quest (he’s read all the books many times!) and teddy is wearing the lego belt of Deltora.

A pair of black tights (the first were wool merino from Aldi – they were worn out, the 2nd I bought some of those sports skin things from Big W…and went back and bought a 2nd pair when he embraced them wholeheartedly), and a couple of home made capes have bought many different heros he’s read about, to life.

I love that he loves books so much – and that he enjoys bringing them to life too.


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