Posted by: picanini | February 15, 2012


is what we did on the weekend. Only for 1 night – a “6 man” tent with the 5 of us squished in at Bagara Beach Caravan Park. We have a larger tent somewhere, but it seemed a bit like too much work for just one night.

We haven’t been camping for about 4.5 years (and we weren’t big campers even then). Richard is on a break between summer session and first semester of 2012, so we are determined to do some stuff like this while he has time to join in. It’s something we’d like to do more of.

Bagarra is just outside Bundaberg, which is about 1.5hours from here. There were  actually waves to jump (which was the motivation for going there). Hervey Bay is well protected from swell by Fraser Island. The surf club was opposite the caravan park with a patrolled beach for us to swim and we had a wonderful time swimming on both days.

We had a big trek in the dark with a torch to go and see the Turtles.

Pic from Dept of Environment and Resource management QLD

I’d read little snippets about the turtle rookery when looking for a camping spot, but I wasn’t smart enough to find out enough about it. We noticed on our accommodation map that there was a walking trail to the turtle nesting/hatching beach, so we decided to go after dinner. After almost an hour of walking with 3 tired kids in the dark avoiding cane toads, nursing blisters from thongs and a cacophany of wingeing, we found out that you needed a booking too get on the beach and that they were booked out on Saturday nights till the end of the season (Nov-April). Totally despondant by the experience, we then decided to catch a cab home, as the incentive of the turtles we didn’t know we couldn’t see wasn’t able to be used to spur us on home.  Richard wasn’t in the mood for small talk with the cab driver as it crept beyond the $30 mark and was almost catatonic by the end of the trip and the almost $40 handed over.

The kids misery was almost forgotten later that evening with the 2 possums in our neighbouring trees. And then when I got up to take Ruby to the loo in the morning, I woke the boys up to see some friendly visitors

Sorry the pic is from so far away – I’m still learning to use my ipod camera (I can now zoom!).

The roo and her joey, and the possum with her adorable little baby in the camp kitchen really made the visit for the kids (sorry, the possum and baby were curled up behind the tv when I went back to photograph them). No pics of us wave jumping either – my new toy felt too new to leave out and get wet, and I forgot the proper camera.

And whatever you do, don’t mention our little cab ride to Richard. It’ll take more than a few cute animals to take the memory of our miserable trek and it’s culmination of disappointments away.

Despite the blip, we had a great time for the most part. And I hope we do get back to Mon Repos rookery to actually get to see the turtles when we’ve managed to get a booking some time.


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