Posted by: picanini | February 21, 2012

11 years ago…

I was driving down a street in a caravan park in beautiful Kiama, in search of a group of people that were getting together for 5 days to make a film. I saw this gorgeous tall guy carrying a big black camera case, and thought maybe he might have an idea where to find the people I was looking for. He smiled and helped me out… and we kept smiling the whole week. I thought it wouldn’t last a month. I’d already had a couple of serious relationships that I’d gone into with the expectation they would be Mr right. But they’d both turned out to be not quite so right. We spent our first valentines day together under the stars on the grass of the caravan park in the middle of those 5 days. We talked for most of the night…and here we are 11 years and 3 children later.

We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary yesterday. It was also almost 11 years (give or take a couple of days) since our first date.

I made Pork Belly and Watermelon Salad loosely based on this recipe. We’ll go out in a week when we get a couple of nights child free (!!!!). I didn’t pickle the watermelon, and I only used a little kecap manis in the marinade (I added a lot more soya sauce) as the first time I made it the skin started to burn due to the high sugar content in the kecap manis. I also baked the pork belly only – I didn’t fry it.  I marinated the skin side first, then turned it over and left in uncovered in the fridge for the skin to dry out  (dry skin=crispy crackling). This is a really spectacular salad that I first tried in a a local restaraunt – Coast.  Though I don’t pretend my version was on the same level as theirs. Their pic is much prettier than mine would have been too.


Love, love, love…….




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