Posted by: picanini | March 7, 2012

My creative space…

is back! Richard and I had a lovely time in Brissie – magnificent views from our apartment in Aurora Towers. But I didn’t have any luck finding much in the way of birthday presents for Ruby. This of course, meant that I decided 2 days before her birthday (after looking again locally) that the only thing to do for her was to make her a pink flowery quilt. Those precuts I’ve been looking for still hadn’t turned up, so I went to my local fabulous quilt store and bought some of Tanya Whelan’s Ava Rose collection. I finished the quilt top 11:20 the night before (she had to be in bed or at school for me to work on it).

She was given the top yesterday and told that mummy was going to finish it into a quilt for her in the next couple of days. So guess what’s in my creative space today! Yes, it’s very pink. It really couln’t be anything else for her.

Go here for more creative spaces.

Oh, and happy International Women’s Day to you all!



  1. Just gorgeous!

  2. I have a few of those fabrics- its inspiring to see what you’ve done with them. Utterly uncompromising girlie – my daughter would love it!

  3. Such a pretty collection. I have some of these in my stash. Beautiful quilt..nothing like working under pressure. I’m sure it will be much loved.

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