Posted by: picanini | March 22, 2012

My creative space…and Finn’s first sewing attempt.

I was feeling rather un-inspired. I wasn’t going to bother with Creative spaces today.

Then my littlest fella came home after a bad day at kindy and was being rather “challenging”. I was also trying to finish off some pads that I’d been working on that day so I could clear my machine off the dinner table, and he kept holding down my machine foot pedal – insisting that he was helping!

I told him I would just finish what I was doing  (it was just a few minutes of sewing) and then perhaps we could make his croc a sleeping bag. He was excited by the prospect (though still kept “helping).

We held croc against the fabric (the width was decided already as it was an offcut – it was perfect), snipped some off and then got to work.

He sat on my lap and guided the fabric through with a little of my assistance. He’s obviously watched me more closely in the past than I thought – he acted like he’d been doing it all his life! All I did was make sure the edges lined up.

And here you have it. A sleeping bag for his croc. It’s some curtain fabric that came in a pack with another fabric I wanted from the op shop. Don’t mind the unsnipped threads – they couldn’t wait.

Funny how something so simple can help you get some enthusiasm back for sewing!



  1. Aw, he looks delighted with his croc sleeping bag – worth taking a little time out just to see his cute smile!

  2. Well done Finn. What a great sleeping bag.

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