Posted by: picanini | April 5, 2012

My creative space…

has been (and is still!) making hot chocolate sticks.

We made these last year  for the teachers and family, and have done and are doing so again this year. They’re very popular!

I’m also keeping Ruby busy making some little felt Easter Bunnies (see this post which was the inspiration). We may even try some Easter Egg baskets if we don’t get bored quickly.

And I’m still doing some shop sewing.

There’s also 5 or more kilos of guavas to be made into guava wine. After making lots of preserves with all the guavas my father picked for me last year and the 2 years before that, I got to the point where I couldn’t face any more guava jelly or guava flavoured yoghurt. So I googled and found a few recipes which I took bits and pieces of.  The initial taste comparison of the guava wine was made with rocket fuel (not that I’ve tasted rocket fuel – but I’m sure you can imagine…). However, after a year of ageing, it is quite a nice drop – a bit like a dessert wine.

More creative spaces here.


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