Posted by: picanini | April 11, 2012

My creative space…

has been taken over this holidays! I’ve hardly gotten any sewing time, as the table is usually covered in colouring/cutting/glueing/glittering. I usually work from the kitchen table these days since I lost my sewing room.

The clothpadshop are having a rainbow and hippies theme this month, so I’m madly cutting, scouring through my stash (much of it still in boxes) and getting ready to sew again when my darlings return to school.

Visit here for the home of Creative Spaces.



  1. your house sounds so much like ours at the moment 🙂

  2. my daughter has a ton of these….wish they were around in my time…great job…loving that you share ‘your space’ with the littlies….so good for them

  3. cute kids you have as well!!! I like this picture, they seem very into whatever they’re doing-writting! Nice blog I just got a moment to visit some of my favorite places on the web! Cheers from no too cold Canada!

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