Posted by: picanini | April 13, 2012

My parcel lady…

bought me a lovely box of goodies today. She chuckled as she manouvered the obstacle course of a driveway littered with scooters, bikes and other miscellaneouslly discarded child-related paraphenalia, with excited squeals of “the parcel lady” (not sure who was more excited – me, or the kids!).

She knows me pretty well now. She’s caught me in all manner of strife – she has a canny ability to arrive just when I’ve just gotten out of the shower/just got home stinky from the gym/just put a a (facial) mask on. She’s also caught me a few times in the holidays in my nightie. She once found me in a black silky number…and if you can you believe it, she pulled me away from cleaning the bath! If you thought the story couldn’t get any more convoluted, it was  Finn that answered the door without any pants on (which is why I had to come to the door in my silky black attire) – he was toilet training at the time.

My parcel lady and I have few secrets.  Fortunately, she seems to have a good sense of humour and has possibly seen it all.

But I digress…

I’d pulled a couple of the beautifully wrapped up fabrics apart to wash them before I thought about taking a photo. They’re all organic, for a special event in a few weeks…



  1. What beautiful fabrics!

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