Posted by: picanini | May 2, 2012

Letting the cat out of the bag…

I’ve been quite busy behind the scenes in the past couple of weeks – in between interstate family visiting and school, and secretly getting organised for a surprise Mother’s Day stocking over at Gossamer Dreams.

The Only Organics Trio. I decided this stocking was a good time to launch my new range I’m calling “Only Organics”. As the name suggests, it’s only certified organic fabrics. Fabrics that are printed with low impact dyes such as those from Cloud 9 and Birch fabrics

Organic Merino Wool backed,  a pretty cotton print


Lovely organic cotton toppings – Sherpa and cotton fleece

Something quite unique – appliqued and free-hand machine embroidered. Topped with Benartex gelato minkee.

And some special things for anyone who is Heather Ross mad…

Or obsessed with Aqua Sea minky… (yes, some people are!).

The store is only open for 48 hours – it closes 8pm Thursday night I think. There are lots of other gorgeous things there too – bags, clothing.

Then there’s a bunch of things I’ve got happening that didn’t get finished. I’ll save those for another day!


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