Posted by: picanini | May 2, 2012

My creative space…

is finishing off these special projects.

Ever since I worked on Ruby’s quilt, I’ve had a bit of a freehand quilting bug that hasn’t been put to much use. I tried making a free motion quilted pad (using bamboo fleece instead of batting) and quilting the whole top, but it wasn’t particularly comfortable as quilting the whole thing made it quite inflexible – so I didn’t go ahead with it. I’ve used the idea a couple of ways here – to try to make the man on the Ferris Wheel be heard shouting…but I’m wondering if it’s a joke that only I get. And then just a little decorative quilted channeling in this pad – just a little bit is ok.

It’s funny how being encouraged to do something a bit different (one of the things they ask of you when you particpate at the Gossamer Dreams store) opens up a whole new world of possibilites and ideas. I had to actually sit and think of new ways to do the things I normally do. But enough ramble.

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