Posted by: picanini | May 12, 2012

3 Chickens, 1 dog, 3 kids, 2 adults and 2 hours…in a car

Ruby on the left with Dora (the chicken) in the box, Finn in the middle, Gannon on the right with Gertrude and Dorothy (2 chickens in the box).

Finally after 15 months we were bringing our girls back home to live with us.  They’d been living with my brother and SIL and their kids, but they had moved at the beginning of this term  due to my lovely SIL getting a full time teaching gig.

My parents had taken on caring for our girls, but they had left to go on another Asian adventure yesterday for 5 weeks. We had been holding off bringing them here till we’d found the right house, but circumstances dictated that they needed to come home with us now.

Sadly, Gwen (Gannon’s chook), was killed by a dog only the weekend before we picked them up – He was very upset. She was so close to coming home!

In the back we have T-bone, the dog (no, he wasn’t responsible for Gwen’s demise – he’s  a lover, not a fighter). Named because of the white mark on his forehead, he belongs to the globetrotting grandparents. He used to stay with my brother’s family, but is coming to visit with us while my parents are away now they no longer have close by pet minders. The kids are VERY excited about having him visit.

I had to sit in the boot for a short before we got to the main road to show Tbone that there was really nothing to worry about sitting in there. Sadly, DH did not get a picture of that…



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