Posted by: picanini | May 17, 2012

My creative space…


Has some ruffly leggings for Ruby and a pair for the shop while I’m at it.

I got heaps of cutting out down during the week, all ready to go now my beloved machine is back. Finn is very happy!

Hosting of Creative Spaces is no longer done by an independent blogger. It is now in a place owned by News limited (I found this out after googling kidspot’s ownership this morning)

I don’t think Rupert needs my free link every week, and I don’t wish to give it to him. Creative spaces was never about being able to sell stuff for me (a larger audience for your goods was one of the things mentioned when the move was announced). It was a place to go and be inspired and admire other’s creative processes.

I hope that showing how beautiful modern cloth nappies and pads are planted a little seed or 2, encouraging people to think about using them because I linked there regularly for several years.

For now I’ll have to visit the archives – there were always so many participants that there are many spaces I never got to. I feel really sad that the community has gone…

If you’ve done your own Creative space, I’d love it if you gave me your link in the comments so I can go see it.



  1. Oooh. A little bit of ruffly lusciousness. 🙂 So pretty.

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