Posted by: picanini | May 18, 2012


Many, many years ago I met a girl when we first moved to a little country town in Australia (I was born and raised in Papau New Guinea till then). I was not quite 5 – I don’t actually remember our first meeting. Sarah’s parents were new to town too, and we grew up seeing lots of each-other at church and later at school. Our parents were good friends (her parents would have been the ones who raised my brother and I, had anything happened to my parents) so we were like each-other’s extended family.

My longest loved friend sent me something for my birthday last month, and it arrived today all the way from England.

As young girls, we were Lady Di mad. We both had scrapbooks with photos filled with pics of her. Several years back, I found a Charles and Di commemorative teaspoon in it’s velvety box at an opshop and sent it to her as part of her birthday gift.

This year, I had a good belly laugh to see what had been sent to me for my birthday. I’m just trying to decide whether or not I should use it (I need a new coffee mug), or have it as a keepsake. We have quite a high attrition rate for ceramics since we moved to a house with tiled floors.

Ruby is slightly jealous, as she is quite taken with princesses and beautiful dresses. Any opportunity to dress up isn’t missed by her. Any picture of a lady in a beautiful dress will cause Ruby to have a sharp intake of excited breath.

Ruby and I dressed up and watched the royal wedding and had our own little celebration (coloured marshmellows, iced and decorated bikkies, sparkling apple juice etc etc),  and she has her commemorative Women’s Weekly. But I really don’t think she ever needed my encouragement to be princess crazy.  Sarah and I facebooked a couple of times throughout the proceedings – we live in different states now.

I’m debating ordering 2 (one for Ruby) and then I can keep this one safe and sound.


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