Posted by: picanini | May 23, 2012

What do you do…

with all these little treasures?

I have a cupboard full of little love notes, rainbows, smiling people with huge eyelashes and fingers and toes.

She has moved on considerably since this was done, but I love these people and have quite a collection of them.

I thought Sara might find this a helpful suggestion for a new rainbow dress creation (it also somewhat reminds of Tikki’s Tropical Lily knit) in this picture from the other day.

We have a tenancy inspection tommorrow, so today I’ve being tidying the piles that seem to grow in flat spaces around the house, and cleaning!

Is State of Origin on at your place tonight? Normally the tele would be stuck on channel 10 tonight (yes, I confess I am an Offspring and Good Wife addict…fortunately we have a PVR), but the boys have control of the remote on such a night.



  1. So cute! Much better than the droid battle drawings that Will does. Or knights battling.

    Thanks for the inspiration. I actually did something similar many moons ago (well, feels like it and Moo has long outgrown her dress. I think the one in the photo was for a gift).

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