Posted by: picanini | May 30, 2012

WIP Wednesday…

I’ve decided to do my own little weekly update on Wednesday instead of Creative Spaces on Thursday.  Hopefully I’ll keep this up regularly on Wednesdays  like I did on Thursday’s.

WIP for the un-initiated (it’s a crafty acronym) – Work/s In Progress.

The weather has cooled down significantly, and upon trying on many of the warmer garments in the wardrobes of the kids,  many do not fit.

I made this little pair of pants earlier in the week from some cotton velour in the stash  – I actually bought this pattern for me. It’s Jalie’s Yoga pants, and the sizing goes from a girl’s size 2, to a ladies size 14 – so it’s a pretty good size range. Ruby is quite slim, so according to her measurements I cut the size 4 width with a size 7 length. She turned 6 in March, so the length is quite a bit longer than she currently needs – but I don’t mind. It means generally that she gets a couple of years worth of wear from them (we don’t have cold weather for long in Hervey Bay so wearing them out isn’t an issue).

And now that I know they fit well, I’m cutting another pair to make. These are polar fleece from the stash – I think I’ve made her something else in this (A Farbenmix Amelie perhaps?). I’m not bothering with elastic in either of these pairs as the fabrics are stretchy and recover well enough to go on and off without them.

What have you been working on this Wednesday?


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