Posted by: picanini | June 1, 2012

My new best friends….

Have you ever heard of using tennis balls to massage?

I get a lot of lower back pain – despite having done alot of work in the gym to rehabilitate my abdominal muscles after 4 pregnancies and 3 caesareans. The back pain usually happens when I’m ovulating, and a couple of days before and during menstruation. I think alot of it is related to the caesars and scar tissue sticking many bits in my pelvis together, and they all go out in sympathy together with the changes in my body during my cycle.

I used to always use my personal massuesse (AKA my husband), but he’s doing an engineering degree part time as well as working full time so “spare time” for a back rub from him in the evening during the end of semester is hard to come by.  I’ve had to resort to the tennis balls. Truth be told, they’re actually probably doing a better job (massage isn’t Richard’s best skill!), but finding time for a little human touch is nicer. And it’s nice that he makes the effort without (much!) complaint.

Other things that help – Child’s pose and standing and seated forward bends.

Have you ever tried a tennis ball massage?


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