Posted by: picanini | June 6, 2012

WIP Wednesday

Actually, there isn’t much going on at present. See, I picked up a new addition to the family yesterday…

Yes, she’s still in her box. I got a call saying she was in just after lunch, and as luck would have it – so was the Bernina lady (up from Brissie). I got to know her a little yesterday afternoon at the dealer’s shop with the expert.

There were some great Mother’s Day specials last month, and I’ve been needing a new machine for a while (I first mentioned that I really needed to upgrade to my DH a couple of years ago).  We spent a good deal of May too-ing and fro-ing about me buying it. It took almost a month of persistent conversations, but a reluctant agreement was reached on the evening of the 30th (the special finished on the 31st of May)! My Janome was a great machine for me when I got it, but I sew SO much more now than when I got the Janome, and I want to do more.

I got the Bernina550QE. The reason I chose her? EVERYONE raves about the quality of Bernina machines, and they come with a 10 year warranty. Their stitch quality is considered to be exceptional. This model has a HUGE variety of decorative stitches, and 2 alphabets that I can use (there are more in different languages) for embroidering names etc. You can make your own patterns with different stitches. It comes with a walking foot (I use this alot) and a BSR  – Bernina Stitch Regulator. This is great for quilting, to keep your stitches even when freemotion quilting. I have started to do a little bit of quilting again, and every little piece of advice about buying a new machine says you should think of your future needs (hence the BSR). It has wonderful lighting (12 LED’s), a hands free foot lift, needle down function…of course there’s more, but that’s a good start. The only disappointing thing about it is that unlike the machine it replaced (the 440QE), you cannot get an optional embroidery module for it. I would have liked to do this, but I will have to look at another machine for that (and not mention it to Richard for quite a while LOL).

So I’m currently re-arranging my sewing space (I’ve moved into the spare room sorta). Maybe you’ll get a pic tommorrow in all her glory.

These will be the first project to complete. Simply top-stitching these pads. I unearthed them a little while ago (they’ve been sitting almost finished for at least 2 years in a box), and tried AGAIN to top-stitch them in the am. Alas, for whatever reason, the Janome does not want to co-operate. This is the reason they sat in the box for so long – I wanted to throw my machine out the window in frustration a couple of times in frustration. I tried changing tensions top and bottom, different needles. Rethreading. Cleaning my machine, servicing my machine. You name it! The top tension was always loose.  There are certain things that for some reason it just doesn’t like to top-stitch nicely.

I’m thinking I will probably have to name her…




  1. Congrats Kirsten! I hope you love your new machine.

  2. Thanks Sara. You were one of the people who converted me – I’ve heard you sing the praises of your machine so many times 🙂

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