Posted by: picanini | June 11, 2012

My new baby

If you’ve been reading my blog lately, you know what I’m talking about. I’ve been a little distracted during this week getting to know the newest member of the family – my brand new Bernina 550QE.

We didn’t go away for the long weekend as Richard has a hydraulics exam on Wednesday (and also we’re currently dog sitting for my globe-trotting parents – making it a little more difficult to leave). And I haven’t done heaps of family activities – though I did take the kids out to visit some family friends from school. We had a lovely half day with them in their beautiful big house near the beach in Burrum Heads. But it’s really been the perfect kind of weekend to get to know my Bernina. It’s been wet, wet, wet for the most of it (did you like that group? Am I showing my age? Remember their famous song “Love is all around” from the movie ‘4 Weddings and a Funeral’? I loved that song!). It was really windy and cold today instead. I’ve been watching the dvd that came with the machine (or sewing computer as they refer to it in the manual LOL), reading the manual,  joining Bernina yahoo groups and just generally learning how things work.

I did actually get to a pump (gym) class twice too, and walked the dog each day as well as all the usual stuff mum’s do. So I haven’t been completely overtaken with Berninamania (though I wouldn’t have minded).

Oh, and the pads that I talked about trying it out on in my last post turned out fantastically. I just need to bury threads and snap them to list them on the store. I am one happy chicky!

I just added a Bernina tag to my tag list. Am I getting a bit carried away…

My poor Janome.


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