Posted by: picanini | June 14, 2012

The quilt is finished!

I’ve been trying to get this quilt finished for a while – it was made for Ruby’s birthday in March!

I got it about half quilted when my machine’s timing was all out, and it had to go into be serviced.

I did some more quilting and then my Janome’s open toe (quilting) foot broke. So I decided to go ahead and bind it anyway (for those who’ve never quilted, you usually bind at the end) till I managed to either convince DH to buy the Bernina or buy another quilting foot for the Janome.

I finished it off with a combination of free motion quilting as I started on the Janome (un-assisted) and also tried with the BSR (a thingamy that helps to get a great result) that comes with my new Bernina. I’ve had  a bit of a problem with the BSR connection, which I’m hoping can be easily rectified with a screw tightened or something when the Bernina mechanic gets home from holidays next week. It’s a little temperamental and takes a bit of coaxing to work.

It was obviously a bit disappointing to have something not work quite right on my brand new fancy pants expensive machine – but the dealer seems keen to get it sorted asap, so I’m confident it’ll be fine. The BSR is an “add on”, so it doesn’t affect the way the machine works in any other way. I’m still in lurve – and I think Ruby is also with her quilt.


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