Posted by: picanini | June 25, 2012

Happy birthday to my 4 year old…

I’m a week late, but we’ve had our own celebrations…this is part of the reason you haven’t seen much of me during this last week. It all started actually a day before his birthday.

My baby turned 4 last Monday. He’s a demon on a scooter, but he’s sick of the noisy hand-me-down – we knew this would bring him great joy.

He still loves his handed down Thomas tracks and engines – so a few more give a new lease of life on the tracks.

A slight obsession with cars and his sister’s princess umbrella made this one a no-brainer…

and more cars can never be en0ugh…

it seems he’s grown  up so quickly

How can he have turned this many already?

he’ll be the age of his oldest brother (turning 19 in a couple of months) before we know it!

He’s quite pleased to be just a little bit older…

He’s full of bravado and hot air…

and is there anything wrong with that when you’re 4?



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