Posted by: picanini | June 27, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I’ve been running around today a little bit possessed – trying to get things finished before going away to the Sunshine Coast tomorrow. Apart from trimming the threads on the top for me (RHS), my top is ready to go – I took photos this afternoon while the light was still good, and it’s now almost 11pm. I’ve cut the neckbands out for the other 2, but I don’t know that they’re going to be done by my self imposed deadline – they’re both made from the “Tee for 2” pattern by Patterns by Figgy.

I made a tshirt for Finn earlier in the week from this pattern. However this time I made it with the seams facing in (Like a ‘normal’ t – but not as per the instructions on the pattern). I’m not a fan of the exposed seam look I’ve decided.

I’ve also FINALLY finished this cardigan that has take almost 2 winters 2 knit – it’s Tikki’s Olearia. I’ve had so many frustrations with this knit – due to in-attention in part, but mostly needles falling apart (knitpicks) and so I kept losing where I was up to. I’ve never ever had so much frustration knitting something. It only just fits, but it will keep her warm for the next couple of months.

Am I the only one who puts their own deadlines on things and almost kills themselves trying to get things done before they go away? Silly thing is, we’ll only be gone for three days!


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