Posted by: picanini | July 2, 2012

And we’re back

Back from the Sunshine Coast. The kids caught up with their older brother, cousins, aunt and uncle and grandparents, I caught up on some essential shopping (Gannon’s birthday is on Friday) and the kids are almost all kitted up for winter clothing.

My parcel lady came and delivered some minky while I was away. It’s not the preferred option to have DH home taking delivery of my fabric orders!

We came back in time for a party on Saturday night, and I spent alot of Sunday catching up (LOTS of washing – there was a huge pile due to the week of continual rain before we left and part of the time we were away…my mum and dad live on acreage with ALOT of mud and plenty of outside fun).

The kids have had lots of late nights due to family visiting us and vice versa – and being sociable with out friends, and now there’s been plenty of full play days now that the sun is out. This is Finn tidying his room so he can watch kids tele (I was going to let them at about4:30 when it was getting too cool to be outside).

I wish I could do that…It hasn’t been a very relaxing holiday so far!


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