Posted by: picanini | July 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I’ve been feeling a little poorly the last couple of days – the raw throat and cough have been going around the family, and finally have caught up to me.

I did manage to get a little cutting out done yesterday (Tuesday and Thursday are normally work days at home for me – school holidays mix it up a bit though). I also did lots of blog surfing too though, and didn’t feel too guilty about it, not feeling the best. This is to be a Farbenmix Hilde.

And this is  some ideas percolating for a Imke and matching pair of pants (I’m thinking a homage to Sara’s creation that I’d planned on doing a while back). Not sure on the pants pattern yet.

I was hoping to do an Amelie (another Farb pattern), but I cannot find the pattern for the life of me. My Redondo pattern is also missing – they’ve not been seen since we moved.

And now we’re off to the library!



  1. No way!!! I can’t find my Amelie pattern either! I had a bunch of stuff out today as I was planning for Melbourne and still couldn’t find it. I hope our patterns turn up.

    Love the fabric combos on the Hilde. 🙂

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