Posted by: picanini | July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday

I’ve had a fairly busy sewing week since last week’s WIP update.

(that’s a Figgy’s Tee for 2 dress on top, made the other week)

Close up of fancy stitching on the back pocket courtesy of the new fancy Bernina.

I’ve made Ruby some pants – these are made using the Dortje pattern (from Sewing clothes Kids love  book). I made her the size 122/128 (7/8) – though she measures size 4 for standard sized Euro patterns around her waist. Ruby is very much on the slim side. The finished outer leg length of the Dortje pattern on the size guide for size 6 was the length of her outer leg right now, so I made the next size up. Ordinarily, I would have made one size length, and another size width – one of the things I love about making clothes for your own kids. But I really wanted to cut the pants to the fabric print (fussycut), and if I went for a smaller width, I would have lost too much of this large scale print. Making them bigger also meant that I lost the lovely shape of the bottom of the pants, as they needed to be hemmed up. When she gets a bit taller I’ll take them down and finish the hems so they have the lovely slight scallop. I think they’ll look really nice on her when she gets a bit bigger.

I also made her a Hilde (another Farb pattern – not from the book though). Another closer up shot of more fancy stitches – this is a jersey stretch stitch. I used some Farb ribbon and a cute little birdie iron on transfer on the front. The little hand made bird tag comes from my shop.

and cut out an Imke (SCKL book again) – which I’m hoping to finish in the next day or 2.

I’m also about to cut out a Insa (SCKL) – I’m thinking of using this Flora fox poplin that I’ve been hoarding for some time. It’s one of those fabrics I have a hard time thinking about cutting into.

There’s a bit of a F theme here – foxes and Farbenmix.


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